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Cover of Altered Evidence.

Altered Evidence
by James D. Sanders

TWA Flight 800 was shot down by missiles during a Naval exercise that went terribly wrong. The exercise was being watched on closed circuit television in the White House when the missile hit the plane. The cover-up that began at that moment is still going on. That is the charge made in a new book, Altered Evidence, by James Sanders. Sanders has gathered evidence from the photographs he took of the wreckage at the Calverton hangar indicating that the guardians of the wreckage, the FBI, have altered parts of it physically and removed other parts to conceal evidence that the plane was downed by high explosives.

The book also tells how they have tried to do the same by altering on the debris-field charts the location where certain pieces of wreckage were found. The location of pieces of wreckage can be clues to the cause of the crash. The data show what appears to be a missile streaking toward TWA Flight 800, apparently going through one side and coming out the other. Sanders’ new book also tells the story of how the government tried to send both him and his wife, Liz, to prison for aiding and abetting the removal of evidence from Calverton.

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