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Cover of Dr. Feelgood.

Dr. Feelgood Casebook
by Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes

Max Jacobson: Einstein or Frankenstein?

Now, for the first time in his own words in The Dr. Feelgood Casebook, Doctor Max Jacobson, code-named “Dr. Feelgood” by the Secret Service under President John F. Kennedy, writes about his own life, his patients, and  his “magic” formula that addicted not only JFK, but Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and celebrities from all walks of life to his methamphetamine injections. In addition, Dr. Feelgood’s own patients describe their dealings with the man who brought the meth epidemic to America.

Through interviews with celebrities and notable individuals, including Dr. Michael Baden, Eddie Fisher, Gore Vidal, and Joey Bishop, the authors reveal Jacobson’s vast influence on events such as the assassination of JFK, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy-Khrushchev Vienna Summit, the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the filming of the C. B. DeMille classic The Ten Commandments, and the work of many of the great artists of that era. Jacobson destroyed the lives of several famous patients in the entertainment industry and accidentally killed his own wife, Nina, with an overdose of his formula.

In a series of heretofore unpublished interviews with celebrity singer and Jacobson patient Eddie Fisher, the Casebook reveals the behind-the-scenes goings on in the  Kennedy White House, especially leading up to the assassination, as Fisher brought an assortment of young movie starlets to meet the president in private. Here is a snapshot of American political life before the ME-TOO movement that has it all: sex, drugs, power, and influence.

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