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Cover of The Haunting of America.

The Haunting of America
by William J. Birnes and Joel Martin
Foreword by George Noory

From the Salem Witch Trials to Harry Houdini

In the tradition of their Haunting of the Presidents, national bestselling authors Joel Martin and William J. Birnes write The Haunting of America: From The Salem Witch Trials to Harry Houdini, the only book to tell the story of how paranormal events influenced and sometimes even drove political events. In a narrative retelling of American history that begins with the Salem Witch Trials of the seventeenth century, Martin and Birnes unearth the roots of America’s fascination with the ghosts, goblins, and demons that possess our imaginations and nightmares. The authors examine the political history of the United States through the lens of the paranormal and investigate the spiritual events that inspired public policy: channelers and meduims who have advised presidents, UFOs that frightened the nation’s military into launching nuclear bomber squadrons toward the Soviet Union, out-of-body experiencers deployed to gather sensitive intelligence on other countries, and even spirits summoned to communicate with living politicians.

The Haunting of America is a thrilling exploration of the often unexpected influences of the paranormal on science, medicine, law, government, the military, psychology, theology, death and dying, spirituality, and pop culture.

Cover of The Haunting of America.

Publishers Weekly Review

Birnes (The Day After Roswell), star of the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, and veteran paranormal expert Martin chronicle a wide variety of what they view as occult and mystical experiences in a comprehensive account that spans centuries, from colonial times to 9/11.

There may well have been black magic practice in Salem, they speculate, and recount George Washington’s purported prophetic vision at Valley Forge, strange sightings of Washington’s apparition at Gettysburg and elsewhere, the Bell Witch of Tennessee and Lincoln’s precognitive dreams, while introducing such key figures as the charismatic Franz Mesmer and Margaret Fox, whose controversial spirit rappings prompted the surge of 19th-century spiritualism, even after her later revelation that she was just cracking “the joint of her big toe.”

Covering chicanery and conjurers, demons and guardian angels, skeptics and believers and a woman who’s convinced her recurring dreams prefigured 9/11, Birnes and Martin have produced an informative and entertaining overview that will leave fans of the occult eager for future collaborations by these authors.

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