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Cover of UFOs and the White House.

UFOs and the White House by
Joel Martin and William J. Birnes

The author team that wrote the upcoming Skyhorse title Edison vs. Tesla, as well as The Haunting of the Presidents and other titles about the weird, the supernatural, and the unexplained, turn their attention to the oval office for a unique view at the paranormal in America and more specifically—what America’s presidents—from Washington to Obama—have witnessed and believed.

Most of us know that George Washington was heavily involved with the secret society, the Freemasons. But how many of us know about George Washington’s UFO sighting during the terrible winter at Valley Forge, and how the experience guided his future?

This fascinating history of the UFO phenomenon in the United States is told through the clever mechanism of breaking events down by Presidency, and then analyzing not just the sightings themselves, but the intriguing question of what various Presidents believed or knew about UFOs. Meticulously researched and data-rich, Birnes and Martin have produced a work that is both scholarly and eminently readable.

Lincoln had a recurring dream about his death. His ghost still wanders the White House and pointed out the building’s structural defects to President Eisenhower. Mrs. Franklin Pierce had a séance in the White House in 1854, to summon the spirit of their eleven-year-old son Bennie, who had died tragically in a train crash. JFK was warned by many psychics who predicted his demise.

UFOs and the White House is an oft-overlooked glimpse at history that will appeal to historians as well as advocates of the paranormal.

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  • Print Length: 288 pages
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