Image of Shadow Lawn, the actual house, circa 1960.

Photo of author Dorothy Amsden.

🌳 Dorothy Amsden 🌳

Artistic director for Barts Books, Dorothy has wielded pens and brushes over book pages and canvas for decades, to the delight of authors and the viewing public alike. It is her designs and layouts you enjoy in each of their books and promotion pieces.

Browsing Dorothy’s enticingly decorated studio in Browns Mills, NJ reflects on her eclectic artistic creations and talents - from homespun linens, sculpted glass, & quilts, to woodwork, pottery, and of course fine paintings. Dedicated to art after reading the life of Vincent Van Gogh at age 14, Dorothy found her favored niche in books, providing illustrations and graphic design volumes from such publishers as Arete, Shadow Lawn Press, McMillan, and McGraw Hill.


Cover of Selling at the Top. Cover of Landscape It Yourself.
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