Image of Shadow Lawn, the actual house, circa 1960.

Photo of author Henry F. Beechhold.

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Henry F. Beechhold PhD, a veteran of WW II (Europe), is professor emeritus of English and former Chair of the Linguistics program at The College of New Jersey. He has a long history of writing and publication covering a wide range of topics.

Prior to a 45-year career as a professor, he wrote technical manuals for one of our guided-missile systems. After entering academia, he wrote books and articles on computer repair and maintenance and on linguistics and pedagogy, numerous book reviews, and a large body of poetry, much of which has been published. He served as Associate Editor of Γ‰ire-Ireland (Irish studies) and Executive Editor of Bitterroot (poetry), and was part of the group that created Grammar Rock, winner of the Emmy for the best children’s instructional program on television in 1976.

Although β€œofficially” retired, though not retiring, he is pronunciation editor of the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (having written the pronunciations for every entry in the dictionary), and can be nearly always found at his computer keyboard writing poetry, composing music, and at present, working on a sequel to Some We Loved.


Cover of The Plain English Maintenance & Repair Guide for Home Computers. Cover of The Plain English Maintenance & Repair Guide for IBM Personal Computers.
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