Image of Shadow Lawn, the actual house, circa 1960.

Photo of author William J. Birnes.

🌳 William J. Birnes 🌳

William J. Birnes is the co-founder of Shadow Lawn Press, as well as the main writer-in-residence for many of our books. Bill continues to serve as literary agent and attorney for the company.


Cover of Aliens in America. Cover of Everything UFO. Cover of UFO Hunters 1. Cover of UFO Hunters 2.

Coauthor with Philip J. Corso, Michael J. Coumatos, Robert D. Keppel, Richard A. Lertzman, John Liebert, Bradley M. Look, Gary Markman, George Noory, Joel Norris, Ethan Phillips, William B. Scott, Alan Sims, Michael Westmore, William P. Woodall

Cover of ACOA Guide. Cover of Beyond Columbo. Cover of Counterspace. Cover of Day After Roswell. Cover of Dr. Feelgood. Cover of Edison vs. Tesla. Cover of Late Night Snacks. Cover of the Haunting of America. Cover of the Haunting of Twentieth Century America. Cover of Haunting of Twenty-First Century America. Cover of Haunting of the Presidents. Cover of Hearts of Darkness. Cover of High Level Language and Software. Cover of Journey to the Light. Cover of Life and Times of Mickey Rooney. Cover of Microcomputer Handbook. Cover of Online Programming Languages. Cover of PC Implementation. Cover of Personal Computer Programming Encyclopedia. Cover of Personal Computer Programming Encyclopedia. Cover of Psychiatric Criminology. Cover of The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations. Cover of Riverman. Cover of Selling at the Top. Cover of Serial Violence. Cover of Signature Killers. Cover of Spacewars. Cover of Startrek Aliens and Artifacts. Cover of Star Trek Cookbook. Cover of Strong Enough for Two. Cover of Suicidal Mass Murderers. Cover of UFO Encyclopedia. Cover of UFOs in the Oval Office. Cover of Unsolved UFO Mysteries. Cover of Worker in the Light. Cover of Wounded Minds.

Ghost for Michael Milan, Joel Norris

Cover of Arthur Shawcross. Cover of Henry Lee Lucas. Cover of Jeffrey Dahmer. Cover of Killers Next Door. Cover of Serial Killers. Cover of The Squad. Cover of Walking Time Bombs.
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