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Harold Burt lives in Southern California, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. He owns a publishing company and a separate corporate marketing firm. For the last 30 years Harold has worked in sales and marketing management, primarily in the medical/pharmaceutical field. He has spent most of his career with Fortune 500 companies, the names of which any physician or nurse would instantly recognize.

Harold Burt stays actively involved with the Orange County Chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), where he has served on the Board of Directors. Harold loves sales and marketing, but he has come to know that his real purpose in being on earth is to help people adjust to and accept the fact that, as Jodi Foster says in the movie Contact: β€œWe are not alone!”

Harold is also the coauthor of Unsolved UFO Mysteries, published by Time Warner Books and an editor of The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia. He is currently working on several other books and educational projects.


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Coauthor with William J. Birnes

Cover of Unsolved UFOs.


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