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Dwayne Hickman and his wife Joan Roberts Hickman present a revealing and fascinating look into the entertainment industry as experienced by one of the only celebrities in the business to succeed as actor, director, executive, and star. Written with the easy charm and self-effacing humor that made him America’s favorite boy next door, Forever Dobie is as funny and insightful as any book ever written about Hollywood, told by a natural storyteller.

Dwayne Hickman continues to work in television as an actor, writer, and director. Joan Roberts Hickman is an actress and writer. The Hickmans live with their son Albert in Santa Monica, California.

The authors have enjoyed wonderful reviews, including the Los Angeles Times which voted Forever Dobie β€œThe perfect airplane read, entertaining, revealing and laugh-out-loud funny.”

Coauthor with Dwayne Hickman

Cover of Forever Dobie.
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