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🌳 Robert B. Irvine 🌳

Robert B. Irvine is executive vice president of Jack Guthrie and Associates and a major stockholder in the public relations firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mr. Irvine established the corporate public relations for Humana Inc. in 1982 and directed Humana’s initial public relations support of the artificial heart program. He served as a spokesman for Dr. William C. DeVries and the Humana Heart Institute International when artificial heart operations were performed on Bill Schroeder, Murray Haydon, and Jack Burcham. Humana was awarded a Silver Anvil by the Public Relations Society of America in 1985 for the excellence of its artificial heart public relations program.

Before entering the consulting field, Mr. Irvine had more than 20 years experience in corporate public relations. He has been accredited by the Public Relations Society of America since 1975 and is a member of its Counselors Academy. A frequent speaker and seminar leader, Mr. Irvine has addressed the corporate section of the Public Relations Society of America at its national convention. He also was a participant at the Foundation for American Communications forum on β€œHuman Heart Replacement: A New Challenge for Physicians and Reporters.”

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Mr. Irvine holds a master’s degree from Wesleyan University and is a graduate of the two-year management program at the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania. 🌳


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