Image of Shadow Lawn, the actual house, circa 1960.

Photo of author Joel Martin.

🌳 Joel Martin 🌳

Joel Martin is an ACE-winning cable television host who gained notoriety when he exposed the Amityville Horror hoax. The author of the national bestsellers We Don’t Die, We Are Not Forgotten, and Our Children Forever, Joel Martin has over one million copies of his books in print and has been translated into five languages.

Joel Martin is one of this country’s most celebrated authors in the paranormal field. Joel has interviewed many leading mediums, channelers, and scholars in the field. He wrote the bestseller We Don’t Die, an exploration of reincarnation. He lives in Babylon, New York.

Coauthor with William J. Birnes

Cover of Edison vs. Tesla. Cover of the Haunting of America. Cover of the Haunting of Twentieth Century America. Cover of Haunting of Twenty-First Century America. Cover of Haunting of the Presidents. Cover of UFOs in the Oval Office.
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