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🌳 Diana Rosen 🌳

Diana Rosen has a special interest in the traditions of world cultures and practices that enhance spirituality in everyday life. Her previous books include The Book of Green Tea, Chai, Steeped in Tea, and Taking Time for Tea.

From Diana:

β€œAs a passionate enthusiast of fine specialty tea, I’ve explored its history, customs, and charms in several books, amplified by two trips to India. Of my 13 books (so far) six involve tea, and other topics include coffee (yes, I’m bi-beverage), ice cream, Social Security, incense, and with the delightful Deborah Felder, 50 Jewish Women Who Changed the World (but enough about me.) I’m a facilitator for free-write classes, coach and editor for other writers, and contribute prolifically to various web sites on food, beverage, and lifestyle topics.

β€œI host locals and tourists at the incredible historic landmark, the Los Angeles Central Library, as a docent. Whenever you visit LA, come see us! Tours M-F@1230pm, Sat@11am and 2pm, Sun@2pm PLUS an art-in-the-garden tour Sat@1230pm

β€œI welcome your comments and questions about tea, writing, and my books.

β€œOff to put on the kettle!”


Cover of The Coffee Lovers Companion. Cover of The Book of Green Tea.

Coauthor with James Norwood Pratt

Cover of The Book of Green Tea.
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